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Stakeholder Interface

Ho’okako’o Corporation (HC) has productive relationships with three distinct groups of stakeholders:

  1. National educational thought-leaders and experts;
  2. Local educational and thought-leaders and experts, including representatives of the three HC Conversion Schools, and others directly involved in the Charter School movement such as the Charter School Review Panel (CSRP), Charter School Administrative Office (CSAO), and Hawaii Charter School Network (HCSN); and
  3. Other stakeholders of HC including board members, funders, unions, elected officials, and Hawaii’s Board of Education (BOE) and Department of Education (DOE) representatives.

Ho’okako’o set up a National Advisory Board (NAB) that meets with community partners to further support our work and provide external perspective on policies and programs that might benefit public education and Hawaiian Conversion Charter schools.  Members of NAB include:

  • Dr. Yvonne Chan, Vaughn New Century Conversion Charter School
  • Dr. Guilbert Hentschke, USC Rossier School of Education
  • Bruno Manno, Senior Associate on Education, Annie E. Casey Foundation
  • Dr. Ruby Takanishi, President of the Foundation for Child Development

With the help of our local stakeholders, Ho’okako’o focuses on its existing conversion school communities as they continue to transform themselves to improve the quality of education for their students and become focused learning communities where mission, instruction, resources, and organizational systems are aligned.