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HC Core Services and Supports to Charter Schools

We provide our charter school communities with the following support services:

Conversion Technical Support Services

  • Phase strategies by focusing services initially on needs of Conversions – consider expansion to other markets (feeder/sender schools; Charters and other Independent Schools)
  • Access to Federal Planning Grants
  • Conducting Systems and Organizational Assessment (SOA) & Developing a SOA Framework
  • Detailed Implementation Plan

Support for Educational Programs

  • Introducing Education Research & Best Practices to its Schools
  • School Teacher & Leader Professional Growth
  • Expanded Learning Time (ELT)
  • Professional Learning Communities
  • Innovative Education Models such as Project-Based Learning

Administrative & Management Support to Schools

  • Strategic Planning & Organizational Development
  • Budget & Financial Management
  • State & Federal Reporting
  • Human Resources Management
  • Facilities & Capital Planning
  • Grant Identification & Application