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Measures of Success

The three HC Conversion Charter Schools are all in communities with significant socio-economic need.  Altogether, the schools serve about 1,500 students (18% of all charter school students in Hawai’i):

Waimea Middle School, Waimea, on Hawai’i Island, a 6 - 8 grade conversion
Kualapu’u Elementary School on Moloka’i, a K-6 conversion
Kamaile Academy, Waianae, on Oahu, a K-8 conversion

Initial measures of success include:

School Year 2006-07
A growth in reading and math scores (at Kualapu`u); increased student attendance at Kualapu’u and Waimea; a decrease in the special education population due to improved identification, remediation, and curriculum (at Kualapu`u); new programs offered (at Kualapu`u and Waimea); greatly increased family involvement (Waimea); Waimea and Kualapu`u achieved AYP.

School Year 2007-08
Kualapu`u met federal NCLB AYP targets for two consecutive years and was awarded school in good standing status.  Kamaile Academy became third conversion charter. Waimea continued to use e-portfolios for exiting students to showcase mastery of selected state standards, student goal setting and progress on the General Learner Outcomes.

School Year 2008-09
Kamaile Academy expanded from K-6 to K-8 and began the process of planning for ELT implementation in Fall 2009 with strong family involvement and community partnerships.  Kualapu’u successfully applied to begin a Pre-K program in Fall 2009 with strong family involvement and community partnerships.  Waimea welcomed a new CEEO/Principal who is a highly respected Hawai’i Island educational leader, and continued to have strong family involvement and community partnerships.