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HC Policy Advocacy Agenda

As part of its strategic plan, Ho`okāko`o Corporation (HC) will undertake advocacy efforts when such efforts will contribute in significant ways to the work of its conversion schools. The following policy topics have been identified for possible advocacy efforts by HC over the next several years.

    (Years 1 – 3)
  1. Eliminate constraints regarding tenure, probation, fringe benefits and movement between Charter and DOE public schools that negatively impact on equity for conversion personnel.

  2. Review role and relationship of conversion school principals to DOE to ensure better definition and clarity.

  3. Review mandatory purchase of services (buy-backs) from DOE such as “Menu A systemic services” and other payments to DOE to determine best alternative for funding.

  4. Advocate for additional funding for facilities and facilities maintenance for conversion schools.

  5. Advocate for less prescriptive charter school governing board composition requirements as set forth in current law.

  6. Advocate for changes to Act 2 to allow for an evolving relationship between HC and conversions, i.e. HC providing funding and ensuring accountability without HC providing governance.

  7. (Years 4 – 5)
  8. Advocate for schools within schools (for instance, Hawaiian Language Immersion Programs) to have authority to convert independent of host school.

  9. Explore the possibility of HC becoming a local educational agency (LEA) for its cohort of schools.