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Ho’okako’o Corporation (HC) is a nonprofit organization that was established on October 10, 2002 to improve the quality of education being offered to Hawaii’s children.  The formation of the corporation and its work to improve school communities grow out of the implementation of Act 2 (SLH 2002) which was intended to expand education reform through charter schools in Hawai`i.  It allows a nonprofit organization to manage and operate a new century conversion school as a division of the nonprofit organization, and to make an annual contribution of $1 per pupil toward the operation of the new century conversion charter school for every $4 per pupil allocated by the Department of Education (subsequent legislation capped the matching requirement). 

When Ho`okāko`o was established it was done so with a partnership between the corporation’s volunteer board of directors, led by Keith Vieira, and Kamehameha Schools (KS).  Central to the partnership was HC Board’s commitment to carrying out the intent of Act 2 by recruiting and supporting conversion charter schools.  As an HC partner, Kamehameha Schools has contributed both technical support and funding, including matching funds for each school plus direct support for the infrastructure of Ho`okāko`o Corporation.

Ho`okāko`o continues to build solid foundations that support sustainable results at both the system wide and individual school levels by working with Board of Education (BOE), Department of Education (DOE), Charter School Review Panel (CSRP), Charter School Administrative Offices (CSAO) and Hawaii Charter School Network (HCSN) to address policy and operational concerns as a group of Conversion Charter schools.