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Organizational Change

Organizational Change for school leaders is a key correlate of charter school success and involves the following services and support:

  • Leadership Development
  • Developing and working with governing bodies
  • Partnership development
  • Performance management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Communications and media relations

Necessary Conditions
Charter School conversion is a valid Organizational Change strategy for sustainable educational reform if several necessary conditions are present or possible, including four overarching and interconnected themes: 

  • An exceptional principal who can establish the vision and lead the school community to achieve it
  • Highly capable teachers that have high expectations and work together in focused learning communities
  • Curriculum that is aligned, articulated and integrated from P-12
  • Parents and the greater community feel a sense of ownership in the school and are a part of the change process

To promote success, each school has their own set of necessary conditions for organizational change: 

  • The principal is the leader of the school’s focused learning community.
  • Teachers are highly capable, well-supported and competitively compensated.
  • Teachers work together in a focused learning community, sharing a standard and vision of high quality teaching and high expectations for all students.
  • There is a sense of urgency, shared by the entire community, about the importance of change in how teachers teach and students learn.
  • Instruction is aligned and articulated from grade to grade.
  • Early screening and regular formative assessment of all students inform the instructional system.
  • Time on task for both instructional and co-curricular activities is increased.
  • Instruction helps students to understand the host culture in which they live so that, no matter where in the world they settle, they will be more successful.
  • Parents are actively engaged in the education of their children.
  • Parents and the greater community feel a sense of ownership in the school and are active participants in the change process.
  • The organizational structure of the school is effective and enables the school to carry out its mission of ensuring student success.
  • There is collaboration across the P-12 continuum within the school’s geographical location and DOE complex.
  • There is a simple, standard measurement system for tracking and communicating school and student progress over time.
  • The policy and regulatory environment in which the school operates contributes to the school’s ability to ensure student success