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Instructional Expertise

Ho`okāko`o Corporation (HC) employs its research-based instructional expertise in support of Expanded Learning Time because it aligns with one of HC’s Necessary Conditions for Success: Increase time spent on instruction and co-curricular activities. 

Expanded Learning Time provides our Conversion Charter Schools with the opportunity to create new schedules of instruction that can integrate the core subjects with enrichment activities and academic support like tutoring.  In addition, HC school administrators and HC staff have discussed extensively the vital need to teach our students skills that will prepare them for the 21st century.  Currently, many students are having major problems in Reading and Math as evidenced by the HSA proficiency level reports and the NCLB AYP annual reports.  Schools participating in Expanded Learning Time programs increase four categories of school activities:

  • Instructional time
  • Enrichment opportunities
  • Planning and professional development
  • Tutoring/homework help

Enrichment activities for students in our three uniquely different schools include Hawaiian culture, language, art, music, dance, and sports; character development, P.E., drama, clubs, computers, foreign languages, and other service-based learning and community-building activities.  Additional offerings might be in the areas of karate, robotic and aquabotic teams, yoga, band, and ukulele lessons. The Expanded Learning Time list of activities is flexible and based upon student interest, contributing to a responsive “whole-child” approach to education.

Across all of the schools in the Ho`okāko`o Corporation cohort, we feel strongly that the additional time each day will lead to greater use of student-initiated exploration, hands-on experience and discovery during structured enrichment activities.

We also hope to unearth evidence that certain types of reading, spatial and verbal skills and grouping strategies are more prevalent in Expanded Learning Time project based learning, including reading aloud to stimulate group brainstorming, peer tutoring, and mixed-ability grouping for targeted academic support.

Expanded Learning Time provides for a rotation of teachers to work together using student level data for decision making; Kamaile is already implementing RTI (Response to Intervention) in the area of data driven decisions with successful results.