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Ho’okāko’o Strategic Direction

Ho`okāko`o Corporation (HC) is an education change agent, providing support and services to three new century conversion school communities serving approximately 1,550 students in high need communities with a total resident population in excess of 50,000.

In addition, Ho`okāko`o seeks favorable policy changes to the political, legal, and regulatory environment in which charter schools operate in Hawai`i.  By providing targeted support to its existing cohort of school communities in key areas of need, HC can help its schools stay focused on efforts to improve the quality of education for students, thus demonstrating the impact conversion schools can make on the education landscape in Hawai`i.

As a change agent, Ho`okāko`o helps its conversion schools find new and more effective ways of schooling.  Yet, inherent in public school conversions are unique challenges, including legacy issues from prior ways of operating and transition issues from the change process.