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Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What is the mindset of a conversion charter school?

Conversion charter schools operate under an assumption that they can create an environment that fosters increased student achievement by increasing their accountability to all stakeholders (including the chartering authority), by increasing teacher mission and commitment and by valuing professional development, by increasing parent and community involvement in the school, by providing “wraparound” help for students, by holding high expectations for all students, and by frequent assessment and analysis of student performance to inform instruction. In addition, conversion charter schools must receive adequate funding, must have an effective organizational structure, must provide strong, stable and effective leadership, and must have adequate facilities or the means to acquire such facilities.

2.    What are the advantages of being a conversion charter?

  • Facilities already exist
  • Increased accountability - “Difference between being a renter and a homeowner.”
  • Potential to fully engage parents and community
  • The ability to choose a school gives parents more ownership
  • Potential for curricular and instructional flexibility
  • Additional funding (for partnership conversions) and increased flexibility in allocating resources
  • Potential for teacher empowerment
  • Ability to hire the right leadership

Expanded Learning Time FAQs

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