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How a Traditional School becomes a Conversion Charter School

If a Department of Education (DOE) school wants to become a Conversion Charter School, a Detailed Implementation Plan (DIP) must be written. Over 50% of parents, faculty, staff, and administration must vote to support the DIP before it can be submitted to the Charter School Review Panel.  If a school partners with Ho`okāko`o Corporation (HC), the DIP is submitted to HC for consideration. If the partnership is approved by HC, HC submits the DIP to the Charter School Review Panel on behalf of the school.  A Conversion Charter School may/will continue to serve and accept all students of the school community.

Local School Board (LSB)

Ho`okāko`o is the Local School Board (LSB) for three conversion charter schools. The LSB is the governing/policy setting board of the school and is ultimately accountable for the public school.  Hawai`i State Law: Local School Board means the autonomous governing body of a charter school that receives the charter and is responsible for the financial and academic viability, implementation of the charter and the independent authority to determine the organization and management of the school, the curriculum, virtual education and compliance with applicable federal and state laws, and that has the power to negotiate supplemental collective bargaining agreements. The LSB is ultimately accountable to the state for the school.